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What Users are Saying About Our Automated Financial Planner

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“I am not at all good at managing money. In fact, I never filed my tax returns myself or took any other insurance policy or made investments. It seems to be too much of a hassle and it seemed very complicated. Through Investmentyogi’s Financial Planner tool, I got to know how we can have a large amount of money added in my savings account automatically. A tool worth considering seeing your dreams come true, be it your child’s education, buying a house or retirement goals”

- Shweta Aggarwal, entrepreneur, New Delhi

I had heard of financial planning but always thought that it’s an unnecessary expense and may not be worth the money. While googling I came across InvestmentYogi’s free financial planning tool and immediately tried. It was more like an eye opener for me. Never before had I looked at so many things at one place. It gives you the complete picture including cash flow, net worth, investments, liabilities and also recommendation likes savings, investment, insurance required to achieve certain pre-determined goals in life. You got to try it.

– Puneet Rastogi, Marketing Consultant, Mumbai



“This tool is awesome! This is the best financial advisory tool I have seen so far. Easy to use, Easy to Navigate, Easy to interpret and it gives you the right information. A must tool for people to captures the risk exposure of various investments, and provides goal based investment plan”

– Dharmendra, IT consultant, Hyderabad

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