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Wealth or Money Creation

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j0400631Read our articles on Wealth Creation:


Use our how-tos on Wealth Creation:

When can I become a Crorepathi?

What will my money be worth in the future?



How does one go about creating wealth?

Starting small and starting early with

a lot of planning, discipline, follow

up will allow you to reach your

financial goals.Identify your

financial goal and calculate how long

it will take you to reach that goal

using our financial calculator.


Step 1: How much do you need ?

  • 1 Crore
  • 2 Crores
  • 4 Crores

Step 2: How many years have you got to accumulate the money?

Step 3: What is your risk tolerance?

Step 4: Assume an inflation rate

    • 10%
    • 12%
    • 14%

Use our calculators to find out more about your money creation options. The person starting early and saving small will always have more due to the power of compounding.

Have more questions about growing your wealth? InvestmentYogi’s experts are here to help.

Prepare your personalized financial plan taking your unique financial situation and goals in mind.

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