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  • Srikanth Aitha

    Good Piece of Info..

    • Av Suresh

      Thank you, Srikanth.

  • gopalakrishnan tv

    Unfortuntely the judge has not suffered like this. Once he gets his personal experience, his views and future decisons would change. In such instances, influence works. If the judge talks to the Chairman of the bank or the Chairman comes to know that such a mistake has occured in the Case of a VIp, it will be rectified in no time. In india more than the rules influence, contacts and corrupt practices work much better. That is KYC is all about from the Customers angle. Know your Contacts.

    • Av Suresh

      Well said, Sir. In India, systems are not properly followed. There are political, personal influences everywhere. Justice is denied to the worthy due to these things.

  • kRRish

    One method which I and my friends follow is to register the beneficiary, and send a small amount such as Rs.100 to their account. Once the beneficiary confirms the receipt, we can transfer a larger sum with confidence.

    It is important to always register a payee and go through pre-registered payees only one off transfers are very very risky

    • Rohit

      I agree witht this

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