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Top 10 Mutual Funds

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InvestmentYogi takes stock of the top 10 mutual funds in the year gone by. We have selected 3 different categories most relevant to you.

Best performing ELSS Schemes

Top mutual funds 1. Fidelity Tax Advantage : with 1 year return of 30.69% it has been a star among the tax saving funds. It was launched in Jan 2006 and has an asset base of 1,296 crores. In last 1 year it has consistently beaten its category (equity tax planning) in the ups as well as downs of the market. Top holdings include RIL, Infy, HDFC Bank, ITC and SBI. The fund clearly has a large cap bias.

2. HDFC Tax Saver : It is one of the oldest ELSS schemes around and has a track record of good returns. It has delivered a return of 26.71% since last 1 year and its 5 year annualised return stands at 17.54%. Top holdings are ICICI Bank, Crompton Greaves, Infy, SBI and Sun Pharma.

3. ICICI Prudential Tax Plan : This fund again is one of the veterans and has been around since Aug 1999. Last 1 years return has been 26.19% and 5 year annualised return is 15.31%. Between 05/03/2009 and 05/03/2010 this fund returned a stellar 158%. Top holdings are Infy, Bharti Airtel, Cadilla, RIL and ICICI Bank. About 41% of the allocation is towards mid and small caps.

Best Performing Equity Diversified Funds*

When we looked at the funds with best returns in last year it was not surprising to see a host of mid cap and small cap funds. There has been a sharp recovery in this space in last 1 year and these funds have clearly benefited.

4. DSPBR Micro Cap Reg : It’s a small cap oriented growth fund which has given a return of 49.60% in last 1 year. The fund has 75% of the allocation in small cap and rest in mid cap. Top holdings are stocks like Hindustan Dorr, Jyothi laboratories, TTK Prestige, Sundaram Finance and eClerx. It’s a volatile fund and witnessed steep fall during the market fall in 2008.

5. IDFC Premier Equity Plan A : It has been a great year for this fund. It has consistently beaten its peers during the ups and downs of the market. 1 year return has been 33.83% and 5 year annualised return has been 27.91%. The fund has mid cap exposure of 57.28%, large cap exposure of 25% and the rest in small cap. Top sectoral allocation has been into services, FMCG and chemicals.

6. HDFC Mid-Cap Opportunities : With a 32% return the best performing fund from the HDFC stable is Mid-cap Opportunities. Close to 49% of the allocation is in mid caps, 38% in small caps and the rest in large cap. It was converted to open ended in June this year.

7. Tata Dividend Yield : It is a fairly diversified fund with 40% large cap, 33% mid cap and 26% small cap exposure. Last 1 year return is 33% whereas annualised return for last 5 years has been 18.50%. Top stocks in its portfolio are Glaxo Consumer Healthcare, CRISIL, Hindustan Unilever, Navneet Publications and Nestle India. As the name suggests this fund tries to invest in stocks with good track record of dividend payout.

Best Performing Debt Funds

In a rising interest rate regime the debt funds are increasingly becoming popular. Here are some top performing pure debt funds in 2010.

8. Birla Sun Life GSF Long-term : The return for last 1 year has been 9.22 % and the annualised return for last 5 years is 8.16%. About 93% of the allocation is into different medium and long term Government of India securities and balance in cash/current assets.

9. SBI Dynamic Bond:

Return of 7.37% in last one year however the annualised returns for past 3 and 5 years stand at 1.81% and 2.17 % only. 81% of the investments are into Govt of India securities.

10. BNP Paribas Bond Reg : The last 1 year return for this fund has been 7.21%. The fund has 52% of its portfolio in Debentures which makes it riskier than the previous 2 funds.

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Disclaimer: This source of data in this report is Value Research as per Dec 22, 2010. The report is just to showcase some best performing funds in last 1 year only and it should not be taken as an investment advice. The past performance of a fund is no guarantee of its performance in future. You should take investment decisions as per your financial plan which is based on risk profile and unique financial situation.  You can get a financial plan online by clicking here.

*Excluding the sectoral and thematic funds

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