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image         TaxYogi one of the leading tax filing companies …. more 


image                   TaxYogi one of the best …. more


image       TaxYogi ideal for NRI tax filing… more



image         Try TaxYogi for tax return filing… more


image           Tax Filing and other initiatives… more

Indians Are Better Off than Americans

India Knowledge at Wharton  Indians Save, Americans Invest: Why Financial Literacy Should Accompany Inclusion…read more







A recent survey of 2,500 individuals or families conducted by financial website InvestmentYogi.comread more


Figure it out


The service gives a budget summary of the users and the means to optimise his/her spending…read more



Have you had your financial health checked-up?

image is your best bet to navigate through…Read more



E-filing your return is easy

image TaxYogi given excellent rating by leading business daily Mint…read more




Investing with the Yogis



“We are a small global team, with a passion for personal finance, building products that will benefit the community, and products that we ourselves would love to use and benefit from in our daily lives … Read more





30 Small Business Ideas


image Outlook Money recently listed the top 30 small business ideas where InvestmentYogi was selected as one of the top 30.

“The founding team should consist of a group of people with complementary set of skills who are excited about the opportunity and have agreed on some share of the company’s ownership. They should agree to work without any salary and bring some ‘sweat equity’ into the company.”  Mamtha Banerjee and Sanjay Joshi, founders of InvestmentYogi are both techies. Read more






InvestmentYogi, among the Finalists at the HYSEA Product Showcase Awards 2009 With a vision to position Andhra Pradesh as the leading intellectual capital of the world, Hyderabad Software Exporters Association (HYSEA) nurtures entrepreneurship,research and innovation to achieve global excellence in IT products and services. InvestmentYogi was a finalist at the product showcase awards for 2009 … Read more





E-filing: a face-off between CAs and portals?


image is another portal that was started to offer guidance on filing returns. Mamtha Banerjee, Founder of Taxyogi says, "We started the portal to mainly cater to the techies, but now we are getting more responses from all kinds of professionals." Read more




Cashing in on your money


image There are startups in segments such as stock broking and personal financial  advisory. Two startups that stand out … is InvestmentYogi which provides financial planning and tax planning advice online for a fee, thus working like an online financial advisor… Read more


What kind of a spender are you?

image If budgeting gives you nightmares, try the online budget tool on this site. By breaking up your income and expenses into an exhaustive list of subheads, it not only ensures that you don't forget to add any expense, but also highlights areas where you can trim your shopping bill. InvestmentYogi's budgeting tool was covered by Money Today, a leading personal finance magazine published by the India Today Group … Read more



Shift-control: e-filing of tax returns picks up


image Depending on tax consultants for filing of tax returns may soon be a thing of the past, if the spurt in online tax filing i

s anything to go by.The sites include, ... Read more










“InvestmentYogi has a very uncomplicated feel to it and it packs in lots of simple personal financial tools.”





“InvestmentYogi’s approach towards financial consultation is very interesting - they have built an entire library of “How do I” queries (and a very useful library) that

answers your questions related to financial planning.”




“Plenty of other sites appeared in meantime but from design and usability perspective InvestmentYogi stands out from rest of the

crowd.” – comment from a reader




“very very interesting....this sector is witnessing lot of momentum - but this one seems to be very well executed. feel this one has the potential - unlike few others

with similar plans but far poor execution” – comment from a reader




“Plans are worthless, but planning is everything. There is a very great distinction because when you are planning for an emergency you must start with this one thing: the very definition of ‘emergency’ is that it is unexpected, therefore it is not going to happen the way you are planning.”





Online investment guide: InvestmentYogi showing the right path…read more



Better financial decisions from – InvestmentYogi:  Squamble won the website of the month award 

QUALITY -> 4 stars . FUN FACTOR -> 5 stars . CONTEND -> 4 stars . AWSOMENESS -> 6 stars . ------> TOTAL SCORE -> 5 stars . These guys are great and I just love their terrific site!

read more


Published Nov 12 2009



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