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Investment Options for Monthly Income

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Investment Options for Monthly Income

Who wouldn't like to have some extra monthly income. There are investment avenues available which can boost your monthly income significantly.
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How To Manage Bank Loan Defaults

There are times when we cannot pay the EMI on loans. The reason could be because of loss of steady income or sudden illness. Just like heavy long term debt increases a company’s financial distress level, loans do the same to individuals.
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Savings Rate Increases to 4%

The money lying in your bank accounts will now earn you 0.5% more. After a period of 8 years, the RBI on May 3rd announced an increase in the bank savings rate from 3.5% to 4%.

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Which Insurance is Best: Term or Endowment?

Insurance is popularly bought for saving, investment and tax saving purpose by a large no. of people. But is this the right approach?

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Crystal Ball

Ask The expert

Q: How should I invest in silver..... Answer: The best way to invest in silver is through e-silver which is available at....

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Published May 19 2011



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