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Announcing InvestmentYogi's Open Beta!

Here's an updated press release for InvestmentYogi.


End your investment worries; meet InvestmentYogi!

Personal finance made simple

- Also introduces the next generation online tax preparation software

Hyderabad, July 15th '08: Have you ever wondered how to manage your money, plan your financial future and navigate through market fluctuations? Meet InvestmentYogi; armed with the right chants of tools, research and services, they are here to help you find answers.

InvestmentYogi is a personal finance portal that provides consumers with intelligent tools to grow their money and plan their future, in ways that are simple and interesting. The site introduces social networking features like user review and discussion into content and tools for financial education, planning and taxes that are enhanced by web 2.0 technologies. The site provides the user with the ability to learn, share and plan online.

Specific features of the InvestmentYogi site include MyYogi personalization, a large and fast growing number of articles and HowTo guides, portfolio management and notifications of positions, communities for diverse audiences, focused content for NRIs, mutual fund comparison, and videos for the YouTube generation.

InvestmentYogi is also now introducing a special tax planning application called TaxYogi that is fully integrated into the portal.  TaxYogi provides an easy, safe and speedy way to prepare IT returns that is combined with a powerful interface for community interaction. TaxYogi is the first online application for India that integrates tax preparation with social features. The best part is that all of TaxYogi services are being offered for free this year.

"InvestmentYogi is the first personal finance portal for India to weave social networking, analytics and video into traditional tools and services for financial planning, taxes and investing. Simplicity, personalization and relevance are the foundation of our product and this leads to a unique experience for the user. We have engaged with partners to provide reliable information to our consumers" says Mamtha Banerjee, the CEO of InvestmentYogi.

Speaking on the occasion Mr. Sanjay Joshi, CTO InvestmentYogi said, "We are a global team, with a passion for personal finance, and we build products that benefit the community and that we love to use. We are developing technologies that enable individuals to make informed decisions in order to grow their wealth."

About InvestmentYogi: is a Hyderabad based internet startup that offers personalized financial planning tools and services that are typically only offered by wealth managers to HNIs (High Net-worth Individuals). InvestmentYogi does this through innovative and scalable technology that is tightly integrated into a social networking platform. It is managed by a team with over 20 years of combined experience in high volume internet web properties. InvestmentYogi is registered under InvestmentYogi FinAdvisory Services Private Limited.

Published Jul 26 2008



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