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Unconfirmed Rumour - 5% Tax for NRI

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Unconfirmed Rumour - 5% TAX ON FOREIGN INCOME FOR NRI STARTING 2009 –10

Please note that InvestmentYogi believes this in an unconfirmed rumour. Most likely an April fool prank!

The content of the email that was widely circulated is as follows:

"Government of India today announced imposition of a flat 5% tax on all NRIs over their world-wide income.

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Income that is already taxed in India has been kept out of the purview to avoid double taxation. No double taxation benefits would be available for this 5% tax, meaning even if you are paying tax on your income in a country with which India has double taxation agreement, the benefit would not be allowed against this 5% tax.

 All those Indians who are holding Indian Passports and have been out of the country for more than 180 days during the year are under this requirement. Income proof would have to be submitted in form of employer certificates, foreign tax filings etc. Indian government is also coordinating with Australia, Europe, America, UAE and other countries on collecting Income data for its citizens as part of data sharing initiative on terror prevention measures.

 This has been hailed as bringing in compulsory participation in development of India from Non resident Indians.. This means NRIs can no more just continue to retain their Indian citizenship without paying taxes in India. Though it may not be favorable in view of the NRIs who already bring substantial FOREX in form of remittances and investments.

This is bound to cause a lot of heart burn for the Indian community residing outside..

This move is expected to generate ~10 Billion INR tax collection for the government in the year 2009-10."


This email even refers to the Income Tax website  http://www.incometaxindia.gov.in/, which has no mention of this in the NRI section.

Please beware of these email scams.


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Published Apr 07 2009




Ashley Alfred said:

Generally, while NRIs go abroad to pursue better career prospects, many of them do not intend to return to India, but they do leave their footprints behind in the form of ancestral (or self-acquired) property, bank deposits, shares in companies and other investments. The Income-tax Act, 1961 (Act) taxes India-sourced income in the hands of all kinds of assessees, irrespective of their residential status determined, based on their physical presence in India.

November 23, 2009 10:59 PM

Dinesh said:

I am an Indian origin (also hold OCI)

Recently my brother-in-law invited me to be parter in joint investment in property development,  My difficulty is how to transfer my share of fund I sent half of the amount from my bank saving accounts (electronic fund transfer account to account) when it came to send another instalment he said don't send money by banks as Indian Tax department want limitless questions and unreasonable hurreshment relating to source of funds, why transfer money in to their account and why investing with none resident Indians they also tell me money sent can be sized by Indian tax department and (RBI) and investment profit will have to remain in India (non-transferable to source)

what is Indian Tax laws in such investment?

do they discriminate none resident Indians?

or my relative have not understood Indian Tax laws when invested with NRI


October 18, 2011 10:52 AM

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