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  • Re: Where do I begin?

    you can also go to mutual funds and debt markets and securities market after aanalysis of that market.
    Posted to Forum by Shweta Maheshwari on 11-22-2013
  • At what age to take house & which is the best time to buy house ??

    Hi, My Name is AnjiReddy My Annual Package :8 lacs My investments : 50000 HDFC policy--annualy PPF-1000 rs monthly Father chitti-- 20000 rs - montly 1)Is it the right time to take house this age or else i have to wait some time save money then i will take house 2) As per current investment...
    Posted to Forum by anjireddyk3 on 10-25-2013
  • Re: Which mutual fund is better to invest for long term?

    If you go to see investment companies then there are plenty of them in the market so one should always choose the one which is most trusted and is fulfilling your needs. Just like you I also had thought of investing in mutual funds and asked many of my friends so most of them suggested same name so I...
    Posted to Forum by riyarozer on 06-11-2013
  • Re: where to invest?

    I appreciate that you are thinking of investing from now only and I agree with Apurv that investing in SIP is a better option for a college student. You can start to invest in SIP with a small amount as per your capacity. I also have opted for Birla Sun Life Tax Relief 96, one of Birla Sun Life investment...
    Posted to Forum by RehanBurani on 04-20-2013
  • Re: Advice: Mutual Funds for Tax Benefit

    ELSS is a kind of mutual fund that is for investing in equities and debts. About 90% of the investment is in equities while the rest is in debts. There are many providers of ELSS .
    Posted to Forum by on 03-11-2013
  • Re: investment for NRI

    The best option for investments, if you are looking for long terms as in more than 3 years are the diversified equity funds (through SIPs) serves the best results. Investment opportunities available are manifold for best advice's
    Posted to Forum by abhsri on 06-28-2012
  • CGMRX mutual fund

    If you are looking for a place to invest your money & get a better profit,You have found the solution.Invest in CGMRX mutual fund to get a service of combination of income and long-term growth of capital.The Fund invests primarily in equity securities of companies in the real estate industry, including...
    Posted to Forum by guljarsust on 01-04-2012
  • Confusion...

    Hi, I am very confused about what kind of Investment Options I should adopt for my hard earned money for the time horizon of 2-3 years. I want to invest Rs.3Lk for at least 2 to 3 years. I said at least, because I am not sure that I will need this money after 2 or 3 yrs. for my personal reasons; so I...
    Posted to Forum by swaoamit on 07-27-2010
  • Investing in ELSS

    Q :I have a monthly take home of Rs30000.i am married with 1 kid.Is SIP a good option to invest in ELSS? Answer :SIP is a very good option to invest in any type of assets which are risky/ volatile and it is definitely a good option to invest in equity schemes; since ELSS is a type of equity scheme; we...
    Posted to Weblog by Yogi on 10-16-2009
  • ICICI Prulife

    Q :I have invested in icici prulife with 3000 as monthly sip. What is current nav? Answer :You can get an online login id and password with ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company's website. We are not authorized to check policy details on your behalf unless you are a client, in which case we could...
    Posted to Weblog by Yogi on 10-01-2009
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