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strategies for fighting petrol price hikes

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Strategies to Fight Increasing Petrol Prices

Petrol price hike has become a routine news nowadays and it affects the bottom line of every household in more ways than one. We complain about it every time and go back to normal life but here are some interesting investment ideas which can help in hedging this phenomenon.
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EMIs on Credit Cards

As the festive season closes in, credit card companies want you to spend big by using the EMI option. Find out how it works before getting into it.
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Understand Your CIBIL Score

Banks and Financial institutions run a report on you before granting a loan to you. This report is known as credit information report.

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Exclusive Financial Products for Women

The modern Indian woman is a financially savvy individual who prefers to make her own independent decisions when it comes to finances. No wonder the market is flooded with women centric financial products to cater to her specific needs.

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