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shares indian oil corporation amp apollo tyres

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Q: I have 35 Shares of Indian Oil Corporation @ 330 Each. 20 Shares of Indusland bank @ 133,25, and shares of Apollo

Tyres. What

is the growth prospectus of these shares in Short, Long and Medium term

Answer: IOC- With lot of govt. intervention in petrol pricing, we don’t see the sector outperforming the markets. We recommend SELL in IOC. In the oil sector one can look at OIL INDIA.
Indusland Bank- Banking looks negative in the short term but one can hold the stock from medium to long term perspective.
Apollo Tyres- Auto ancillary space has done well in the recent times. One can book profits in the short term and re-enter at lower levels. Stock looks good with a medium to long term view.


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