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SBI Stock Review – Nifty 50

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Stock NameState Bank of India or SBI

Listed Exchange: NSE, BSE, BSE Bankex


P/E or Price to Equity Ratio: 9.89

EPS or Earnings per Share: 179.98

P/B or Price to book value ratio: 1.23

Market Capitalization: 1.21 lakh crore

Current Price on NSE – 1777

52 Week Low – 1452

52 Week High – 2551

Our Review of SBI Stock

sbi stock reviewSBI has a market cap of 1.21 lakh crore and the stock has always proven to be a safe bet.  SBI went for a public issue in December, 1993. If you had chosen to invest in SBI stock 10 years back, you would have invested at a level of 435. It implies a marvellous return of over 15% annualized in 10 years.

SBI is a govt. owned corporation. It has also been announcing annual dividends for the past few years. The bank has got a wonderful depositor base too. The only risk involved in this stock is the government stake of about 62%. Such high stake would mean govt. takes major control and political decisions could have some influence on the bank. For a long term, SBI is definitely a buy.

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