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Mutual Fund Review – Reliance Money Manager

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Fund Name: Reliance money manager (G)


Category: Debt – Ultra short term

Expense Ratio: 0.54%

Risk Level: Below Average

Benchmark: Crisil liquid


The investment objective of the Scheme is to generate optimal returns consistent with moderate levels of risk and liquidity by investing in debt securities and money market securities.

Returns (Annualized)


Our Review

Reliance money manager (G) has made its inception in the year 2007. Since inception, it has produced annualized returns of 8.32%. It has managed to beat the benchmark index as well as category average consistently in the 1, 3 and 5 year returns.

Top 5 holdings of the fund include UCO bank, Bank of India, Bank of Baroda, ICICI bank and IDBI bank. The fund invests its assets into ultra short term securities with average tenure of 91 days. The two fund managers have done really well in managing this fund. Lesser expense ratio is an added advantage for this fund.

  • raja

    i would like investment (emergency purpose) in Reliance money manager fund. which option in better Growth or dividend? i’m waiting for ur reply

    • Av Suresh

      Growth option can be chosen if you need lump sum amount after few years and dividend option can be opted if you need money at regular intervals. Final returns do not much differ for these.

  • Rahul Gulati

    Hi SUresh,

    If someone has a horizon of 10+ years, for diversification, can one invest in this fund using SIP or choose Birla Sunlife Dynamic Bond or Franklin India Ultra Short or I can choose any of three. Appreciate your guidance.

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