An outsider might be able to access your ICICI statement

  • Mutual Fund Review – HSBC Equity Tax Saver

    • Name of the Fund: HSBC equity tax saver (G)

      Ranked #3 by CRISIL

      Category: ELSS

      Expense Ratio: 2.8%

      Risk Level: Medium

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  • Seven aspects of Mobile Insurance in India

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      We are in an era where we can finish a day without proper food and sleep but not without a mobile in our hands. And, Mobiles in India are getting smarter day by day. When homes can be insured, lives can be insured, health can be insured, why …

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  • Credit score V/s Credit report

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      Credit scores and reports are still relatively new to the Indian psyche. To most people they are one and the same and are often used interchangeably in conversation.  Though credit reports and credit reports are interrelated, they are not the same thing. Here …

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  • 6 debt mistakes never to make

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      “Diminish your wants or augment your means” – Benjimin Franklin


      It may be due to lack of knowledge, confusion or carelessness; mistakes while managing finances are all too common. The resultant fallout can be detrimental, no matter what the cause. Even a s…

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  • An outsider might be able to access your ICICI statement

    • According to sources, ICICI bank security network can be breached by an outside to view just about anyone’s account statement. This is a loophole for one of the largest private banks in the country.

      However, only account information can be viewed by outsiders and no other actions were seen being taken by hackers. Such issues need to be resolved soon as financial information of the customers cannot be put at stake….

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