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RD Calculator

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Do you have an RD? Know your Maturity Amount

The RD (Recurring deposit) Calculator is quite popular among those who are looking to invest their hard earned money in a systematic way in banks or other financial institutions. It is also popularly known as RD Interest Calculator. Such RD Calculators are used by major banks and financial companies such as HDFC, ICICI, IDBI, etc. InvestmentYogi provides a very simple calculator for knowing the maturity amount after regularly saving for a particular period.

Why should you use this calculator?
rdIf you are eager to know how much amount would be realized for your goal (which could be a few years away) after staying invested, this calculator is the one you need. Thousands of our users have used this to make better decisions with their investments. So can you.

How to use this calculator?
The entries to make are:

Monthly Installment – The amount you are looking to save/invest every month or have already started saving in a recurring deposit. The minimum amount and maximum amount vary from bank to bank.

Rate of Interest – The rate of interest offered by the bank for the RD. This also varies according to the bank’s policies. Interest rates are never constant. They move with the central bank’s policies.

Period (months) – Enter the number of months of investment for the SIP.

For your convenience, here is the number of months in these years:

10 years – 120 months

15 years – 180 months

20 years – 240 months

30 years – 360 months

Interest Compounding – Choose the type of compounding for the interest i.e how frequent you expect the interest to be compounded or the frequency of compounded interest being provided by the bank.

This can be of 4 types:

Monthly – Interest is compounded every month. Hence, this type of compounding yields the highest maturity amount.

Quarterly – Interest is compounded every quarter. Quarter refers to 3 months.

Half Yearly – Interest is compounded every 6 months.

Yearly – Interest is compounded yearly once.

Once you have enter these values and click on submit, the result would be stating the maturity amount that would be realized after the tenure specified.

When should you use this Calculator?

This calculator is to be used by those who are planning for investing in a bank recurring deposit scheme. Such schemes are also provided by various financial institutions.

Can it be used in any other situation?

This RD Calculator is specifically for investment in RD. It can also be used to see how much amount you can make by investing regularly (with or without RD) from now in order to reach a particular target.

Frequently asked questions about RD

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    IS ANY BANK PROVIDE RECURRING DEPOSIT (RD) FOR 20 TO 30 YEARS???????????????????????????

    • arup

      as far as my knowledge is concern no bank is providing r.d for more than 10yrs

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