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  • guest

    The annual deposit limit in a Fiscal is 1 lakh now instead of 70k stated in this article. It would help if you could update the article with the latest limit.

    • Av Suresh

      Thank you for providing us the information. It has been updated now.

  • natarajan

    Sir,Individuals may also open a PPF account on behalf of a minor child of whom he is the guardian.Can an individual deposit the maximum of Rs.one lac in his a/c as an individual and open another one lac in his minor son’s a/c of whom he is a guardian.
    It was told by an officer of PPF Dept.that an individual and a minor son of whom he is a guardian altogether can deposit totally maximum of one lac only.If it is more than one lac it will be improper.
    I have already two a/cs one in my name and another in my minor son’s name one lac each
    Kindly get clarified with the department and let me have the findings and oblige.
    With regards
    kindly reply by mail if possible.

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