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Pros and Cons of Online Shopping

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online shopping

There’s a festival atmosphere throughout the country. The festival is called ‘Online Shopping’. Flipkart had its own day and called it Big Billion Day and Snapdeal followed with plethora of offers. Both of these made sales worth over Rs. 600 crore each in a single day. Is this an addiction or an eye opener for all the savers out there? Tough to tell. However, what we can do is to see the good and bad of online shopping.

The Good

Great Deals

Some of the deals that these online shopping sites in India are providing are amazing. Big Billion Day even saw Rs. 1 deals on products worth thousands of bucks. Those who have got this deal believe they are lucky enough. Even those who couldn’t get this deal have much more to choose from. There are amazing discounts running all over the web. All you need to do is to compare patiently.

Convenient to Shop

Offline shopping is a mess especially in the festive season. The long queues near trial rooms and billing counters, heavy rush in the electronic shops can irritate the best of the lot. Online shopping saves you the much needed time which can be utilized productively. Moreover, you can shop whenever you want.

Products suit your requirement

When you shop offline, you need to visit a particular store as per your needs and then dig out the product. However, online shopping is slightly different. These shopping sites store cookies in your pc and then throw out deals on products which you are actually looking for. So, you do not have to waste your time searching around for things.

The Bad


Most of the online shoppers have reportedly got addicted to online shopping. These people keep looking for deals irrespective of their needs. The fact that there is a discount going on gets you to the site and then makes you buy all kinds of stuff which you would have never ever bought.

Bad Experiences

Online shopping do not always shower great experiences. There are quite a few bad experiences of people buying stuff online. The Big Billion Day saw many complaints from customers. One of them was that the portal had inflated the market price and then offered discounts, which meant it was cheating them hands down. Some people even termed it as a ‘pricing scam’. Also, there have been many incidents where quality of food was not great when ordered online.

Reality is different

Not all images that the online shopping sites show depict the real product. When ordering attire, there can be issues with sizes and quality of material used. There have been cases where clothes from some of the best selling sites have been of poor quality. Such products are best when purchased offline since you can touch, feel and try them before purchasing.

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