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professional tax in india for various states

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Seems Indian constitution has most number of taxes for common man in India. Whether you are a promoter of private or public listed company, established trader / business man or just an employee, you have to pay income tax as per constitution. You might have paid at least 5 taxes from the various taxes mentioned below as per constitution of India. Most common taxes are sales tax, consumption tax, entertainment tax,

gift tax, property tax, value added tax, dividend distribution tax, professional tax etc. In this article, let’s understand professional tax which is levied on professions and traders in India.


What is Professional Tax and who comes under the purview of this tax?

Professional tax is imposed at the state level and has to be compulsorily paid by business owners, employees in public and private companies, merchants and people carrying out various other occupations. 


Which states have levied professional tax?

In India, not all states impose additional burden of professional tax to the common man. The state governments of following states impose this tax – Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Meghalaya, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Tripura and West Bengal.


What is the amount of professional tax?

Professional tax is another source of income for the government. It is imposed by state municipal corporations in India. The maximum amount payable towards professional tax is Rs 2,500 p.a. which is calculated in line with gross salary of an employee and there are predetermined slabs based on income for professional tax which varies across the states in India. 


Who deducts professional tax?

Every month professional tax is deducted by the employer from the salaries of staff employed (employees). This collective amount is paid to respective state municipal corporations by an employer. It is mandatory for companies to collect the tax from employees and professionals (business men), who have to pay from their own pockets. Employers need to furnish a return to the tax department in the prescribed form within the specified time frame. Maintain the proof of tax paid since you will be eligible for income tax deduction for this payment.


How to register for Professional Tax?

If you are a company, approach your state tax department and apply for registration certificate within 30 days after hiring staff for your new operations.


In case, your company has operations in different states of India, than apply separately to respective state authority since the place of work (operations) comes under the jurisdiction of that authority. Professional taxes will be charged as per tax slab of respective state jurisdiction.  


Professional tax slabs applicable for some of the states is given below:

 State: Maharashtra

Monthly Salary

Amount payable

Up to Rs 5,000


Rs 5,001 to Rs 10,000

Rs 175 per month

More than Rs 10,000

Rs 200 per month


State: Karnataka

Monthly Salary

Amount payable

Up to Rs 10,000


Rs 10,000 to Rs 14,999

Rs 150 per month

More than Rs 15,000

Rs 200 per month


State: Andhra Pradesh

Monthly Salary

Amount payable

Up to Rs 15,000


Rs 15,001 to Rs 20,000

Rs 150 per month

More than Rs 20,000

Rs 200 per month


State: Gujarat

Monthly Salary

Amount payable

Up to Rs 5,999


Rs 6,000 to Rs 8,999

Rs 80 per month

Rs 9,000 to Rs 11,999

Rs 150 per month

More than 12,000

Rs 200 per month


State: Madhya Pradesh

Monthly Salary

Amount payable

Up to Rs 12,500


Rs 12,501 to Rs 14,999

Rs 125 per month

More than Rs 15,000

Rs 208 per month


About the Author

Hiral Thanawala is a PGDM (Finance) graduate and Certified Financial Planner with an experience of over 5 years in equity market and personal finance domain. The views explained by him are personal. He can be reached at





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      Gratuity is mandatory for all organizations with more than 10 employees even though it is not stated in appointment letter.

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    How to claim professional tax deduction in ITR1 of IT return form

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