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Mutual Fund Review – Principal Smart Equity

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Fund Name: Principal smart equity (G)


Category: Hybrid – Multi asset

Expense Ratio: 2.7%

Risk Level: Average

Benchmark: Crisil balanced

Objective: The primary objective of the scheme is to seek to generate long term capital appreciation with relatively lower volatility through systematic allocation of funds into equity; and in debt /money market instruments for defensive purposes.

The Scheme will decide on allocation of funds into equity assets based on equity market Price Earning Ratio (PE Ratio) levels. When the markets become expensive in terms of ‘Price to Earnings’ Ratio; the Scheme will reduce its allocation to equities and move assets into debt and/or money market instruments and vice versa.

Returns (Annualized)


Our Review

Principal smart equity (G) fund has made its inception in the year 2010. Returns are exceptional since launch.     Top 5 holdings include Sabero Organics Gujarat, Infosys, ICICI bank, ITC and HDFC.

If you are ready to take a bit of risk, you can consider this fund for long term. 86% of allocation is towards equity, rest is debt.

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