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How to Check your KYC Verification Status Online

You have filed your KYC forms, submitted all the required documents and are now waiting for the approval. InvestmentYogi gives you simple steps to follow to verify your KYC status.     


Checking Your KYC Status


You can check your KYC Verification Status by going to the CVL website ( Enter your PAN card number and your status will be shown as:   


1) KYC under process: The status will be shown as KYC In-Process.

2) KYC complete: The status will be shown as Verified.

3) KYC rejected: The message will be Invalid data.


For more details regarding your KYC verification you need to get a hold of the POS where you submitted your KYC application.


Once you become KYC Compliant

The good news is that once you become “KYC Verified” through CVL, you will not be asked to go through the process again with CVL.

While making an investment for the first time in a mutual fund, a copy of the KYC Acknowledgement needs to be attached along with the Investment Application Form(s)/Transaction Slip(s). Any application forms not accompanied by a KYC Acknowledgement are liable to be rejected.             


NOTE: If you are in possession of a Mutual Fund Identification Number (MIN) and you did not provide PAN at the time of obtaining the MIN, you will need to comply with the KYC norms mentioned above.

Published Mar 17 2011



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