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Comparison of various online mutual fund portals

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mutual fund comparison

Gone are those days where you had to visit financial intermediaries such as banks, brokerages or the respective mutual fund companies to buy mutual funds. Investing in mutual funds is a child’s play these days. You can buy mutual funds online sitting at your home or office.

There are multiple portals available which offer you a platform from where you can buy mutual funds online. But, which one of them is the best? What are the options that these portals offer? We have shortlisted the best mutual fund portals for you and compared them on various parameters for reference. The portals we have picked are FundsIndia, Fundsupermart, Scripbox.

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  • FundsIndia projects itself as a ‘one stop destination for all your investment needs’.
  • It has information of schemes from more than 41 mutual fund companies.
  • Services include investing and online tracking of mutual funds, stocks, company deposits, NPS, Gold and financial planning.
  • You can sign up for a FundsIndia account for free.


  • Financial tools such as ‘plan for education’ and ‘plan for retirement’.
  • A unique SIP designer tool, which suggests a portfolio for you based on age, time frame of investment, monthly amount and risk appetite.
  • Paid financial planning service offered from experts.
  • Asset allocator tool which suggests type of funds to invest based on few inputs.
  • Special ‘FundsIndia select funds’ list which consists of top performers in various categories such as equity, debt and balanced.
  • Comprehensive ‘Fixed deposit’ calculator. (Also try our mutual fund calculator)
  • Blog to educate investors on different aspects of mutual funds, deposits, tax saving and so on.
  • Live chat option for answering your queries.

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  • Fundsupermart is a SEBI registered investment adviser and AMFI registered mutual fund distributor.
  • It projects itself as a mutual fund specialist.
  • It has its presence in 4 countries – Singapore, Hongkong, Malaysia and India
  • Signing up for an account is free.


  • Special account based on your profile such as HUF, Individual, Minor, NRI and so on.
  • An exclusive app known as ‘FSM Mobile’ for mobile phones available as free download.
  • Chart center tool to help you compare information such as NAV and Returns across various funds.
  • Live chat option to answer all your queries.
  • Special calculators section called planning calculators which includes budgeting analyzer, forward compounder, backward compounder, mutual fund returns and how to become a crorepati.
  • Funds Selector tool to help you analyze mutual funds across various fund houses according to risk and returns (1-10 years).
  • Option to view best performing and worst performing funds.
  • Client investment specialist to assist you in the investment process such as one on one support and offering right mix of investments.
  • You can order for monthly or consolidated statements of your mutual fund holdings.
  • Flexi SIP option to design SIP investments as per your convenience.




  • Scripbox is an online mutual fund investment portal which involves selection of funds, investing online and mutual fund performance review.
  • Free signup for an account.


  • A unique feature providing a basket of 4 funds to invest from multiple funds across fund houses.
  • Blog to educate investors on various aspects of investments.
  • No fees for making investments.
  • One Click to invest, withdraw or order statements online.
  • Facility to create one account for each member of family but access and manage all accounts from a single login.
  • Money is transferred automatically from bank account to mutual fund companies or vice versa without reaching Scripbox.


These are the three popular online mutual fund portals. Apart from these, there are also other online portals from banks and brokerages such as Destimoney, ICICI Direct and so on. All the mutual fund portals provide ease and convenience of investing online. However, these may not replace a financial planner. Make sure you approach a financial planner before deciding on which funds to invest.

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