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NTPC Stock Review – Nifty 50

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Stock Name – NTPC Ltd

Listed Exchange: NSE, BSE


P/E or Price to Equity Ratio: 9.57

EPS or Earnings per Share: 14.55

P/B or Price to book value ratio: 1.43

Market Capitalization: 1.1 lakh crore

Current Price on NSE – 139.25

52 Week Low – 122.65

52 Week High – 167.25

Our Review of NTPC Stock

ntpcMarket cap of NTPC is quite high. It has made its debut in the market on 7/10/2004. It is a state owned enterprise and has promised a lot for its investors. However, it has failed to match the expectations of the shareholders.

If you had invested in NTPC upon inception, you would have invested at a level of 70. After 9 years, you would have just about doubled your money. It means an annual return of 8% and failure to beat inflation. Also, latest regulations by Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) have caused this stock to slip further.  At the moment, it’s not quite wise to pick up this stock. For people who already hold this stock, you can wait for some revival and sell it.

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