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Myths and Facts about Fixed Deposits

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7 Most Common Myths and Facts About Fixed Deposits

Rising interest rates and volatile stock markets, it’s that time when banks and financial institutions are aggressively marketing the safe investment option – “Fixed Deposits”. Make an informed choice.
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All About Employee Provident fund (EPF)

EPF deduction is a standard column in most salary slips but it is one of the most misunderstood investment vehicle. Here is a handy guide to your EPF investments.
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Protecting Your Home with Insurance

The Japanese tragedy has once again underscored the need for protecting your home and other immovable assets with insurance. Here is a quick guide on home insurance and how it works.

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The Need for Medical Insurance

We have a tendency to ignore or rather delay planning for contingencies. Health is one of the biggest financial and emotional contingencies to plan for. Make a beginning.

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Crystal Ball

Ask The expert

Q: How to invest in silver in India….. Answer: you can now invest in silver through ETF, just like gold….

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