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myths about e filing of income tax return

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Myths About E-filing of Income Tax Return

Ever since e-filing was intoduced by the Income Tax department it has been adopted by millions. Still there are a lot of popular myths which need to be dispelled.
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How the Rich in India Spend and Invest Their Money

A recent research report by Kotak has some interesting revelations about the money habits of HNIs in India. It talks about how they spend, manage and invest their wealth.
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7 Financial Planning Steps You need to Take for Your Dad

Father’s Day is being celebrated on 19th June. Spare a thought for your dad who has been your biggest support through thick and thin. One of the best things you can do is plan out his finances for a comfortable and financially independent retired life.

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How to Build a Mutual Fund Portfolio

The problem many investors’ face is choosing the right fund for their requirement. It is compounded when we see that many funds have similar objectives and vision statement. How to go about building a robust portfolio.

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Q: what is the taxability of interest on Provident….. Answer: The tax treatment of interest on Provident Fund is….

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