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my mobile smart phone is it worth the price

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how smart are mobile phones in india?Smart Phones are undoubtedly getting smarter every day, making communication lightening fast, enhancing productivity, making diary and pen an obsolete stuff and doing away with need of knowing spellings. The smartphone market is up and running in India.

We have Samsung smart phone, Nokia smart phone, Android smart phone, Micromax smart phone, Sony smart phone, Karbonn smart phone and many more smart phones coming in.

We have brilliant features in every smart phone like Wi-Fi connectivity to help you check mails even when you are on a date with your girlfriend from a long distance relationship.  Free calls, text messages, 3D games, E-books, Maps to save you from getting lost. In short, you can get anything and everything that you can think of under the sun.



However, apart from getting sleeker and smarter, they are also getting pricier. In-fact, smartphone tsunami has created a kind of bandwagon effect amongst the youth, and everybody seems to be running after acquiring the latest and the most expensive smartphone.


Yes, it is “acquiring” and not buying because no sane person would spend 40 grand on a mobile. The market is unstable and rupee is in a depreciating spree against the dollar. Job cuts are on the rise and education has become the most expensive thing in the planet. Under such circumstance how advisable is it to spend half a lakh  on a phone, that will hardly last for three years ( Ideally the longevity of every other electronic product ) and may even fail to help you maintain “having the best phone ever status” for less than 6 months?


I have got the best and the most exclusive feature in my new XXXXXXX phone:



Yes, I totally agree that you have got some super elite feature in you latest smartphone, where you feel like a CIA agent by unlocking with phone with face lock, or look like an asthmatic patient when you blow open your latest 3D phone . But honestly, if you keep aside this typical and quite unlikely fancy aspiration and look at the broader picture you will realise how much more you can actually do with money that you are investing in some Smartphone.


Most Wanted features that actually define a Smartphone:

There is no denial that there are features that separate a smart phone from an ordinary phone. When you buy any smartphone, you must look for some basic features like Wifi,  Ram, USB ports,Interface, Battery Backup and yes definitely the OS ( This is the thing that makes the phone smart) . Apart from that any other fancy look or feel is not exactly worth the money you are spending.


Whoa! Wait, yes i know you must be shouting at my face that your latest phone has a brilliant 3D gaming facility, or has an amazing 12 MP camera. But wait, do these features anyway stop you from buying Microsoft’s XBOX, or the outstanding Nikon SLR?


A phone is actually meant to ease communication and a smartphone just makes it easier. So if you do not have a 12 million company turnover or a 1.2 million pay package. It is always advisable to exercise caution before opting to buy a super expensive smart phone.


I have saved for months to try my hand on that expensive device:


Smartphone obsession is a brilliant stuff, which makes everyone from 8 to 28 save up to try their hands on that outstanding device. But have you ever tried saving that much for the rainy day. You may be working in a decent MNC today, but you must be well aware of the term called “Layoffs”. You may be a Big data guy, but are you sure Big data will be always be trending?


If you save that money as a fixed deposit in some bank, that money will eventually grow. Better still the amount of money you are saving in to buy an expensive device, if you save the same money as a recurring deposit with a decent interest rate in some bank. It eventually culminates into a real big amount at the end of a certain period of time. A big bank balance is the only thing that gives a certain amount of mental peace in this age of hypertension.


What do I do with the money I save? Shall I buy a more expensive device?


Oh I see, you can’t take that image of a 50 grand device out of your mind huh?


Well, when you have saved a substantial amount of money, you can invest that money on something that has a higher longevity, or rather on something that you always wanted to do. Like learn photography from New York Institute of Photography. Go trekking on the Himalayas. Do a safari in the Sahara.


Give your fiancé a grand wedding, Book a brilliant bungalow. Get retirement ready. The options are endless and they will definitely give you a much better experience than a phone which clicks without flash, records 1000 hours video or just jacks up your snob factor with its have eaten fruit symbol.


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