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What are the Risk Factors ?


All mutual funds are required to disclose, in their offer documents, the Risk Factors that are faced by the fund and therefore by the investors. Risk factors may be standard or scheme specific. Standard risk factors are market driven and common to all schemes. While a regular investor will be conversant with standard risk factors, their disclosure is of particular relevance to the novice investor. Scheme specific risk factors have a direct bearing on the investor’s choice and therefore need to be carefully evaluated by the investor.

 Disclosure of risk factors must include the following:   risksin mutual funds
Standard risk factors:

  • Investments are subject to market risks such as absence of liquidity in markets or fluctuations in market prices beyond the control of the managers, resulting in investment objectives of the scheme not being achieved. NAV can move up or down on the basis of capital market movements.Past performance of the sponsor/AMC/mutual fund is not indicative of the future performance of the scheme. Name of the scheme does not indicate its quality or prospects. Risks associated with the use of derivative instruments, if the fund plans to use such instruments as permitted by SEBI.

Scheme specific risk factors:

  • Arising from the scheme’s investment objective/strategy and proposed asset allocation. 
  • Arising from non diversification, if any Specific risk factors associated with investing in closed end schemes. For assured returns schemes, if assurance is up to the maturity of the scheme, it must be stated that this is on the basis of guarantee given by the sponsors/trustees/AMC. If assurance is for a specific period, it must be stated that there is no guarantee for sustaining the assured return for the remaining duration of the scheme. If the AMC has no previous experience in managing a fund, a disclosure to that effect must be made.

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Published Feb 13 2008




Indore Medical Help Line said:

Risk is the important factor of business. But I think that Mutual Fund has low risk investment.

October 26, 2009 12:58 PM

Ishitasharma1 said:

Read this informative article -

Risk of investment in shares

January 24, 2011 2:00 PM

patil.rose said:

hey i don't have much knowledge on mutual funds....but i heard that mutual fund has less risk is this true??and i also wanted to know if markets down or inflation can effect the mutual funds or not?

October 10, 2011 4:25 AM

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