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investing in short term investments

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Question: Hi,  I want to invest Rs 4000 as an SIP in 1 or 2 equity mutual funds. I’m looking for a fund with good returns since I’m planning for my higher studies later on. The planned duration is between 1-2 yrs. Could you suggest me some mutual funds I could invest in?

For an investment period of 1-2 years, we do not recommend equity mutual funds as the market can be quite volatile during the short-term (< 3 years).

You may instead consider MIP (Monthly Income Plans) of mutual funds; to find out more about MIPs read, ‘

Monthly Income Plan(MIP) Mutual Funds


Depending upon your risk appetite, you may also consider balanced mutual fund schemes; they are less riskier than pure equity schemes but more riskier than MIP schemes of mutual funds. In balanced mutual fund category, you may consider HDFC Prudence, DSP BlackRock Balanced (G).


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