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  • Satish

    can I invest in direct MF scheme with DMAT account from FundsIndia or FundsSuperMart? I wanted to know if there will be any commision or trail that goes to FundsIndia or FundsSuperMart? As your article is silent on this..

    • Av Suresh

      You can invest in mutual funds regular schemes through these portals, Satish. However, direct route is only available through the AMC.

  • Harish Jindal

    Hi Mr Suresh, I have a query on the same topic. Lets say i bought direct funds through AMC directly and I got it dematerialized. Now, to transact further (fresh purchase in the same fund or redemption), I have to come through my DP provider. So, now I should be able to make fresh purchases through my demat account in the same fund right?

    If I can hold direct funds in demat, then I should be able to buy direct funds as well no?

  • Ronits

    Can ELSS funds be also bought with a Demat account ? (I have an ICICI bank demat account)

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