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increase gross total income

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How can I increase my gross total income without increase my income tax after taken LIC ?



You can do this my including more tax exempt allowances in your CTC – such as HRA, conveyance, medical reimbursement and such.


I have recently file an ITR but some little mistake I had found in it. Then, how can I submit the correction ?



If you have already received ITR-V acknowledgement for the original return, then you need to file a Revised Return now where you can make necessary changes to the ITR form.

You can file a Revised ITR 1 or 2 for FY 2011-12 (AY 2012-13) from our site. Just select ‘Revised Return’ instead of ‘Original return’ in the Welcome page (after logging into TaxYogi) and proceed. The remaining procedure is the same as Original return process.

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