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  • Av Suresh

    Q. What is the meaning of 5 years of service. Let say a person 1) works in an organisation for 3 years
    2) than change his job and put a request for epf transfer
    3) After 2.5 years epf is transfer to second account
    4) person left second organisation
    5) total time is 3 years first organisation and 3 years in second organisation and .5 years not working.
    =6.5 years
    So if that person withdraws EPF, is that tax free??

    A. 5 years of continuous service here means you need to work for 5 years before withdrawing your EPF amount or taking a break from job. EPF transfer request to another company is treated as continuous service. Though EPF transfer is delayed, it will not be treated as a break since you have already applied for it. Hence, in the case provided by you, EPF withdrawal will be tax free.

    • Maveric

      I have worked for 4 years in my previous organisation. I’m employed in a different organisation for the last 7 months and have not transferred my previous PF.
      Now, if i withdraw my PF after 5 months which will be 5 years from the date of PF opening, will it tax free or not?

      • Av Suresh

        The period for which EPF account has not been transferred to new organization will not be considered for tax purpose. So, EPF withdrawal will be taxable for you.

  • Abhilash

    The e-passbook is not working for me. It says it takes 3 days for request to be accepted. But it has been quite some time now.

  • vijey

    I have worked in my previous organization for 3 years(2007 to 2010) and i joined the second organization 3 years back(2010 to present) I have not transferred the PF account, so if i withdraw the amount now, will there be tax applicable on the PF which I had in the first organization? please clarify…

    • Av Suresh

      Since you have not transferred the EPF account, service from 2010 to present will not be treated as continuous. Hence, if you withdraw now, it will be taxable.

      • vijey

        Thanks for your super quick response, may i know the percentage of tax on the PF?

        • Av Suresh

          1) Total of employer’s contribution plus interest thereon, which was not taxed earlier, shall be taxable as profits in lieu of salary. 2) You shall be taxed on the amount of tax benefit claimed under section 80C on account of your contribution to recognized PF, restricted to Rs.1 lakh per financial year. 3) The interest on your own contribution shall be taxed as “income from other sources”.

  • Bala Thati

    Suresh, I left India on Dec 2011 and based on your article, i think my PF is active till Dec 2014.. could you please confirm and let me know how can i withdraw PF from outside India ?

    • Av Suresh

      Bala, you can choose the online withdrawal option from EPFO website. The amount would get credited to your account within 30 days.

      • Bala Thati

        Thanks for your quick response Suresh… As i mentioned i left India on Dec 2011, and online EPF facility is available for those who worked May, 2012 and onwards. “The facility at present is only for the members for whom the employer has uploaded the Electronic Challan Cum Return for the wage month of May 2012 onwards”… is there any otherway than this ?

        • Av Suresh

          Unfortunately, EPFO has not specified anything in this regard as of now. Anyone on your behalf can approach the EPFO office and seek help on this.

  • Dibyendu Dutta

    The above summary is a very informative & precise for all – after all its our money & we need to take care of it.

    • Av Suresh

      Thank you for the appreciation, Dibyendu. Yes, we need to take care of our money and if possible also spread this kind of financial awareness.

  • Venu

    I am self employed. Can i open an EPF account & if yes, how do i do it?

    • Yogi Cfp

      Venu, only employees can hold EPF accounts, which are operated by their respective employers.

  • Kaushik

    Thanks for this info. I have a question what will happen to the EPS amount that has been diverted to EPS account by the employer @ rate 541/month from the employer’s share of EPF amount. I have joined my previous organization in 2010 and now I am in different organization.

    1) Now my question is when I retire will the EPS joining date will be considered as 2010 or 2013 if I transfer the amount?
    2) When we join the new organization will I get the EPS amount also if I transfer or withdraw my whole amount from EPF?

  • Rahul

    What should I do to EPF account when I will shift abroad?

    • Av Suresh

      Rahul, are you shifting permanently or is it a temporary stay aborad? If it is a permanent shift, you can withdraw your EPF balance before leaving. In case of a temporary shift, you can keep it if you will be back within 3 years else withdraw it.

  • Kumar

    My PF is not showing any interest credit since my last contribution 3 years ago. I’ve not transferred my account yet. But I do not understand why its not showing any interest credit for subsequent 36 months i.e. from my last contribution to till date.

    Whats wrong ?

  • nikhil joshi

    Dear Suresh ,


    i was working in EMRI 108 during 01/05/2008 to 31 /04/2019 i have submitted form 13 and 10c twice to my company but till date i have not received my pf amount yet….. i have called the concerned department but nobody is replying…..

    my pf ac number is AP/KKP/51616/6154

    now when i am checking the the same ac number on epfo website it shows the below message “Your Account has been marked as In-operative Account. For details please contact respective EPF Office.”

    what should i do get my pf amount.

    amount is PF A/c. as on 01.04.12 is Rs.5848/- and Rs.2375/-.

    please give your valuable guidance.

    my name is nikhil joshi
    mail ID : nikhilkumar_joshi83@yahoo.com
    mobile : 9879856471

    • Av Suresh

      Did you try online PF withdrawal from EPFO website?

      • nikhil joshi

        no how can we do it ?????

        • Av Suresh

          You can do it from this website – http://www.epfindia.com.

          • Munish Goyal

            Hi Suresh

            Only interest calculated on the current employment’s contribution since 2 years is credited, not on the amount transferred form previous PF. Why?

  • shah nawaj

    hi Suresh
    you wll be vry helpful to me giving d resolution to it.I was working with a company which i left 4 or 5 yr back.I have a big amt in pf a/c bt a/c gone in-operative as was not continued with that a/c now i want the money in bank a/c.I am done with all formalities for withdrawl pf throw my ex employer.they have sent it to mumbai based pf dept…will it work for me gettin d amt into my a/c or i need to do somthinelse….
    i wll b so glad to hav ur reply for d sam
    my email id is shaan.icwa@hotmail.com

    • Av Suresh

      The work done by previous employer should be enough to get you the PF withdrawal amount.

  • shah nawaj

    so i need not to do anythin evn if my pf a/c is inactiv……….so appreciating suresh…thnku for reply

  • shah nawaj

    suresh i hav one mor pf a/c which already been approved n payment under process…bt its quite long i am gettin this massage whr we chek our pf status bt not gettin d amt into a/c….how mch tym it takes

    • Av Suresh

      EPFO had declared that 98% of PF withdrawal settlements are being done within 30 days. If it has not been credited to your account for long, you can approach the EPFO office or complain against it online.

  • Anand

    I have a friend who is a foreign national ( Sri Lankan Citizen ) who had worked in one of the Indian Software giants for 4 years. When he resigned couple of months ago, the company said that he cannot close his EPF account citing rules. Can you please tell us if it is possible for him to close the EPF account and / or withdraw his balance from EPF.

    • Av Suresh

      Every company should provide opportunity to employees to withdraw balance from EPF or transfer it to another organization.

      • Anand

        Thanks Suresh for the response !
        Do you have any documentation / rules book links that we could refer for the detailed clauses for International employees working in India. If so that would be helpful for us to talk to EPFO officers.

  • Jagadish janardhan

    Hi Suresh,

    I would like to withdraw my PF. The company which i was working is closed now. I have filed for the withdrawal and the PF office has rejected my application. The reason claims not attested by the employer. Please advise
    Please also let me know if there is any option to check the balance as my account is inoperative

    • Av Suresh

      For withdrawal, you need to fill forms 10c, 19 and submit in PF office. In case of discrepancies, you need to write to PF commissioner with the reasons. If your account is inoperative, you cannot check the pf balance. You need to file RTI with EPFO for the same.

      • Jagadish janardhan

        The Company is closed now.. How do i get my form attested by the employer

        • Av Suresh

          You can send it without attestation. Please send a letter to the PF commissioner stating the reason.

          • Jagadish janardhan

            Thanks a lot for your swift response.. Should we need to attest the form with any any gazetted officer

          • Av Suresh

            Yes, it is better to do it.

  • Jagadish janardhan

    The Company is closed now.. How do i get my form attested by the employer

    • Av Suresh

      In this case, you need to fill up form 19 and get it attested by your bank branch manager and submit this in regional EPF office.

  • Nithya

    I have taken a break of 1 year and now planning to join back to work.

    I have not withdrawn my PF account. My PF account is active for 9 years and 7 months.

    Can I withdraw my old PF and have a new one with my new employer?

    Can I transfer my PF account from Old employer to New Employer? Is this allowed even after one year of break?

    • Av Suresh

      Yes, you can either withdraw or transfer PF balance even after one year of break.

  • H. Kaur

    I had one inoperative epf account from my earlier job which I left on July 2009. (The last entry in my epf account due to some pay arrear was in November, 2009). Subsequently, I joined another job in July, 2009 itself and got a new epf account number. I have not applied for transfer of my earlier epf account to the new one. It has been five years. Now I have applied for the transfer. Through your site I learnt that I will not get interest after 36 months of leaving my earlier job i.e. for 2 years interest have not been credited with my old account. But while surfing net I came to know that there is also some order on it that if one transfers his inoperative account to the new one even after 36 months then he/she will get interest with retrospective effect for the period beyond 36 months. Here is the link http://www.livemint.com/Politics/LswkUw6wiYzsw5rG7XiCvI/Inactive-EPF-accounts-to-earn-interest-govt.html. Can you elucidate on it. Will I be able to get interest for the entire 5 years.

  • Ajay

    Hi Suresh,

    My EPF account has been inactive since 4.5 years as I quit my job in India and joined another firm abroad. Interest was credited for first 2 years and now my EPF account has been made “Inactive” and no interest is being credited.

    The accumulated amount is around Rs.1 lakhs. Could you please guide me how I being an NRI could withdraw the money without having to pay any tax?

    Thanks & Kind Regards

  • jitendra

    hi suresh, my problem is quite different as i worked in a company for 2 years from apr 2006 to apr 2008 and joined other company in apr 2008, now i already left second organisation also in dec 2012 and started my business ,my first pf a/c is inoperative now should i withdraw my both a/c or i can transfer my first pf to second as it is active till date
    please help me as soon as possible

    • Av Suresh

      You can transfer the pf balance in first account to the active account.

  • Sankili S

    Hi Suresh,

    One of my PF account is Inactive for more than 4.9 years. Shall i withdraw the money from that PF account? Kindly share me the details on how to withdraw the money from Inactive PF Account. I’ve surfed many sites but i couldn’t get clear picture on how to do it. I’ve all the details about my dormant PF account.
    kindly help. Thanks

    • Av Suresh

      You need to download form 19 from http://www.epfindia.org.in. You need to submit the filled up form to your ex-employer. Your current employer could also be of help in this regard. The form can also be attested by your bank manager and submitted to EPFO office.

      • Sankili

        Thanks for your swift response. Even after 4.9 years of dormant, will it be possible to withdraw the money ??? and one more thing, I didn’t get my current employer’s role in this regard. Could you please help me to understand that? And also i believe i have to submit Form 10C as well. Thanks.

        • Av Suresh

          Yes, it can be done. Yes, form 10C is for EPS. You can choose to go through either previous employer or directly through EPFO. You can try asking for assistance from hr department of current employer to help you in submitting these documents to EPFO.

          • sankili

            Thanks a lot Suresh for your inputs. Really very helpful.. :) :)

  • mhl_jsh

    Hi Suresh,

    Amazing article. Helps a lot in understanding these concepts!

    I was working in Bangalore from 2003 to 2011 post which I withdrew my PF and went for further studies. Now in 2014 I am planning to return to India. I wanted to know if my previous PF account would be active or do I need to create a new one?

    Please note that I am unable to find any detail on EPFO. Thanks once again for your assistance.

    • Av Suresh

      Since there were no contributions for 36 consecutive months, the account would have become inactive. You need to submit the previous account details to the new employer in order to transfer the account.

      • mhl_jsh

        Thanks Suresh. From what I understand is that this EPF account which I maintained can be reactivated. I would share these details with new employer but do advise if there is any other procedure to be followed for this.

        • Av Suresh

          This is it. The new employer should be able to help you out if there is anything else.

  • jha.richa1@gmail.com

    Hi Suresh,

    Hope you’re doing well!

    I’ve 3 inactive PF accounts. I wanted to withdraw the money that’s lying in them

    1. Can I transfer them into 1 account and then withdraw them? Is it possible and do you advise it?

    2. I made a transfer request online, and it shows that it has been
    approved by my previous employer, does it also need to be approved by
    the current employer (it’s also an inactive account).

    Who should I send a signed copy of the form to, previous or current employer?

    3. Can I submit 3 PF withdrawal forms to PF head office Delhi, or do I
    have to submit it individually to respective zonal of offices?

    Kindly help me, it’s very puzzling.

    Many thanks,


  • Jagannath Sengupta

    I have an EPFO account which is lying inoperative since 2007.

    Is there any way to get my money back? If it is transferable to my current EPF account, can you please guide me on the process involved to transfer the same?

    Thanking you in anticipation.

    • Av Suresh

      Yes, you can either withdraw it or transfer it. Your new employer will be able to assist you with this. You need to fill up form 19 and submit it to them. Alternatively, you can also submit in the EPFO office.


    Hi , my company is not making any PF deductions so shall i pressurize them to open a aPPFF account for me as they r mentioning that v r not so much big company….?so shall i trust their wordings….?pls guide me according ASAP.

    • Av Suresh

      PF deduction is mandatory if the organization has more than 20 employees and if the basic salary is up to Rs. 15,000 p.m.

  • Dev

    Hi if an old pf(inactive) gets transferred to a 2nd pf (inactive), does the second pf become active automatically

  • Harshal

    Hi Suresh….. My previous EPF account was active during 2007-2009. Then I went for post graduation and now my new EPF account is active from 2011. What are my optins with old inactive EPF account?
    - Can I withdraw amount from old inactive account? How (i’m still employed with some other organization?
    - Or can I transfer the amount from old inactive EPF account to new EPF account (new account is already operation for last 3 years)? How?

  • Gyanendra Srivastava

    Hi Suresh,

    I have an EPF account which is around 38 months old. I have changed the employer now and there is no contribution in this account. I have a questions here:
    > If I keep this account as it is for next 2 years (to complete 5 years), would I get the interest on the amount?

    Pleas help.


    • Av Suresh

      Yes, you would get. Account becomes inactive if there are no contributions for 3 consecutive years.

  • fromva

    I moved to US about 5 years back. But, I haven’t changed the company that I was working for in India. I am still with the same company. Since it is 5 years now, my EPF is inoperative. about 5+ lakhs is stuck in the account without any interest accumulating. How can I withdraw if I don’t change my job?

  • Vikas

    Hi Suresh,
    Do you know since when this EPF- scheme became mandatory? 1952 ?My late father who was born in India in 1949 had worked for a Factory/Mill from ~ 1973 till Dec 1985 as an accountant. He was paid a high salary as per Indian standards He then left India to work abroad. He passed away in 2009 and as per my mothers knowledge had never claimed his pension fund, in India. Is there anyway we could stake a claim and how much could the balance be ? please advise how to proceed, thank you

  • Amol

    Help me to understand options available to me on Provident fund. I am NRI with no income in India from 2012. I worked in India from 2009 to 2012 had provident and voluntary provident fund contrbution to company’s private PF trust. Once I left the job in 2012, I had not withdrawn my PF. As I moved out of India, I had no option to tranfer in PF. Now, its about 3 years (2012 to 2015), PF account will become dormant with no interest paid. I have no immediate need of money. Help me to understand on tax liability on PF withdrawal. I understand 5 year of continuous service leads to Tax free withdrawal of PF. Will my 3 year of service (2009-12) and 3 years of waiting (2012-15) be counted in continuous service? Or Do I have to wait for another two years to be elligible for tax free withdrawal?

  • Amol

    Help me to understand options available to me on Provident fund. I am NRI with no income in India from 2012. I worked in India from 2009 to 2012 had provident and voluntary provident fund contrbution to company’s private PF trust. Once I left the job in 2012, I had not withdrawn my PF. As I moved out of India, I had no option to tranfer in PF. Now, its about 3 years (2012 to 2015), PF account will become dormant with no interest paid. I have no immediate need of money. Help me to understand on tax liability on PF withdrawal. I understand 5 year of continuous service leads to Tax free withdrawal of PF. Will my 3 year of service (2009-12) and 3 years of waiting (2012-15) be counted in continuous service? Or Do I have to wait for another two years to be elligible for tax free withdrawal?

  • AJ

    Hi, Kindly suggest me what is the best solution in my case. I am having a ten months old EPF account in my current job and this is the only EPF account I have so far in my job life of four years as earlier I was working as an entrepreneur.

    Currently I am moving outside India for four years of higher study and leaving my current job and will not receieving any income to maintain any contribution to EPF account. As in my case it is sure that my account will become dormant after 3 yaers of inactivity. Kindly guide me what will be best option for me- whether to withdraw from EPF or wait for my another job after four years to transfer my EPF account from one employer to another.

  • Manik Jindal

    Hey Suresh !
    If I will leave India for more than 36 months and ofcourse I don’t have job in India, PF account will get inoperable. In such a case, what are the available options? Can I transfer PF account or would I have to withdraw?

  • Mohit

    Hi…In my case i was employed for 5 years 2 months with my previous employer which made redular payment to my EPF account. Now i have switched my job and the new company does not have an EPF facility(as it has less than 10 employees). What are my options in this case ?

  • sudha

    Hi..i have a pf account of 15 yrs old which is inactive with a sum of 600/- what would be the amount i get

  • dinesh sharma

    i have an account of year 2008 company still in the market what should i do to withdraw the amount

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