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Mutual Fund Review – ICICI Pru Value Discovery

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Fund Name: ICICI Pru Value Discovery (G)

CRISIL Rank: 3

Category: Equity – Small and Midcap

Expense Ratio: 2.28%

Risk Level: Average

Benchmark: CNX Midcap

Objective: Primary objective is to generate returns through a combination of dividend income and capital appreciation by investing primarily in a well diversified portfolio of value stocks.

Returns (Annualized)


Our Review

ICICI Pru Value Discovery fund has made its inception in the year 2004. Since inception, it has produced annualized returns of 22%. It has managed to comprehensively beat the benchmark index as well as category average consistently in the 1, 3 and 5 year returns.

Top 5 holdings of the fund include RIL, ICICI bank, Amara Raja, PI Industries and State bank of India. The fund invests 50% of assets into mid caps, 20% in small caps and the rest in large caps. As the name suggests, the fund invests in stocks with value. These are the stocks which can unleash in the future.

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