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How to be a Smart Shopper?

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shoppingAs an avid shopper, I love to get a great deal on anything I buy. Be it a book, electronics or a personal service, such as a haircut or massage. I often find I don’t have the time to hunt around or drive from store to store to find the best deal that can save me the most money. So, let me ask you this – “With a busy life, rising inflation and increasing shopping options, how do you get the most bang for your buck?”

Shopping smartly can save a person a lot of money. One of the most convenient ways of shopping today is online by using group buying sites, discount coupons or deals. The freedom and time saved by shopping the many offers and discounts on the internet will free up your time to spend with family and friends. Not to mention, the many extra advantages/savings by using online coupons. Let me share with you how.

The very nature of the online company’s business is to save their customers/users money. They do this by providing exclusive discount coupons or group deals on leading brands, air travel, restaurants, etc. The basic idea is that the online discount company has the power to buy in bulk. This makes it possible to sale at a lower or discounted price.

InvestmentYogi gives you a brief overview of some of India’s leading online discount stores and how to effectively use them.

Khojguru: Helping you Save Money

Company Overview:

Khojguru provides exclusive discount coupons from over 200 leading brands and retailers from various categories such as, air tickets, books, electronics, gifts, flowers, and even marriage. Their partners include Ebay, Yatra, Shaadi, Ferns n Petals, etc. They are not limited to online coupons; you will find coupons for physical outlets like Dominos, VLCC, Croma and many local restaurants too.

How they get the deals:

Very simply, Khojguru makes it a win-win for both customer and merchant by “providing a coupon that gives certain special privileges to the coupon holder, making the coupon holder feel special”. How this works for the retailer is it provides branding and promotion, a “footfall” at the actual premises or website and most importantly, “makes the sale happen”. The coupons are exclusive of any other sales, promotions or deals offered in the store or website.

How to use Khojguru:

Go to http://www.khojguru.com

There are three ways to use the coupons and Khojguru has provided simple instructions to help users find the method that works best for them. Below are the three processes:

SMS Coupon

1. Enter your mobile number and download the coupon as a SMS coupon on to your phone.

2. Show this coupon at the retailer to redeem it. The retailer may delete the SMS from your phone.

Print Coupon

1. Take a print out of the coupon.

2. Show this print out to the retailer to redeem it. The retailer may keep the printout with them.

Online Coupon

1. Click on the “Get Coupon” Button.

2. Follow instructions given on the right hand panel.

For all three processes, don’t forget to read the terms and conditions of the coupon. For SMS and Print Coupons, once downloaded the coupons are valid for 5 days only. If you miss this time period you will need to download/print coupon again. In case of any issues, Khojguru will provide a number in the sms or printout for you to call.

What to watch for:

With all coupons you need to read and understand the Terms and Conditions (T&C). The basic T&C with most coupons are, they cannot be used with other offers, there might be a specific offer, brand, menu item, etc. that the coupon is good for and the coupon needs to be presented BEFORE the bill is made. By not following the above you can put both yourself and the retailer “in a tight spot”. Also, keep in mind the 5 day expiration period.

For extra savings, make sure to keep an eye out at the bottom of the home page. You will find featured coupons, spotlights and deals of the day.

Upto75: Never Miss a Sale

Company Overview:

UPto75.com is a deal site. This means they offer deals, sales coupons, discounts and special offers that are currently on offer to retail buyers. The information is listed by product categories, brands, stores and localities. Users can easily pick the best deals in their neighbourhood. Shoppers are able to experience choices, avail unbelievable deals and most importantly, save money! “UPto75.com means discounts UP TO 75%”. Some of the deals available on UPto75.com include restaurants, health and fitness, clothing, computers, travel, airfare, electronics, furniture, etc.

How they get the deals:

UPto75.com gets it deals by working with other retailers, both online and local offline stores and posting information on their sales, offers, discounts, deals, promotions or stock clearances on their site. Basically, they do the leg work to find you all the information on various discount sale offers from popular retailers. UPto75.com does not sell any products or services. In order to use the desired offer you need to visit the store or make the purchase on the online site of the retailer. The information comes directly from the retailers in your neighbourhood, no third parties are used. How UPto75.com makes its money is through advertisements and listings on their site.

How to use UPto75:

Using UPto75.com is an easy process and requires little time. Go to http://www.upto75.com

and choose the service/product you are interested in purchasing. You can search products by the Shop Name, Category or Brand. UPto75.com has also provided a detailed list of categories to choose from. After you have chosen your product/service follow these simple steps:

SMS Coupons

1. Click on the “Download Mobile Coupon” button.

2. Type in your mobile number and enter the code that is given.

3. You’ll receive your SMS Coupon in 5-10 minute.

Print Coupons

1. Click on the logo of the company.

2. Read the offer description and any notes that may be relevant to the Terms and Conditions.

3. Press the “Print” button and ENJOY!

What to watch for:

As with all coupons and deals, you need to read and understand the Terms and Conditions of the coupon. Make sure you use the coupon before the expiration date and always present the coupon BEFORE the bill is made.

Make sure you sign up for the Weekly Deal Alerts to help you get the most of this site.

Taggle: The Power of Group Buying

Company Overview:

Taggle can be quoted as saying they are “here to make life a little more fun and a lot more affordable”. They do this by Group Buying, which means they bring like-minded consumers together on one offer or deal. Taggle is a “new hot platform” that gives it users a unique buying opportunity on products and services ranging from wellness, travels, and fine dining.

How they get the deals:

By pulling together the minimum number of buyers they are able to create volume for the merchants and in return, the prices get slashed. In order for the special price to get activated, Taggle seeks a minimum number of buyers. Once they reach that number the deal “Goes Live”.

How to use Taggle:

Taggle works in 6 simple steps:

1. See – Go to http://www.taggle.com

.  Search their site for the offer or deal that you are interested in.

2. Buy – Once you find an offer, click “Buy”.

3. Share – Remember this is Group Buying, the more people buy, and the sooner the offer goes live.

4. Celebrate – Number is met, the offer goes Live, you’ve been informed – you now have the right to redeem the offer.

5. Enjoy – Taggle will send you a voucher to enjoy the offer or deal.

6. Come Back – Group buying works by volume of consumers. By being a consistent buyer, the better deals Taggle can offer.

What to watch for:

Once you buy – no cancellations are possible. Offers are valid for a period of 2-3 months. And in the rare case that the minimum number of buyers is not met, the offer is cancelled. For cancelled offers, you won’t be charged. Any money paid will be promptly refunded to you.

A Little Goes a Long Way

When you shop online you save money and that increases your shopping power by adding rupees to your wallet. Most online sites have added bonus points or rewards when you register on their site. Again, adding more “bang to your buck”. Some sites will have daily deals for extra % off on already low prices, so be sure to browse and familiarize yourself with each site you are buying from.

In Conclusion

As a shopper, I love the power and freedom online shopping provides. I often find products and services at a fraction of the price that I would normally buy them for. By using online discounts and coupons, I have been introduced to new restaurants and shops in my local area that are now my favourites. The deals, coupons and offers are changing consistently, giving me a wide variety to choose from. So, the next time you need a new DVD player, are planning a vacation or are looking for the latest local sales, try one of the above mentioned sites or the numerous other online sites that are available to you and put the extra rupees in your pocket or better yet in your tax saving mutual funds !!!

(Above mentioned websites were used to source information in article)

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    If looking for mobiles & tablets and its accessories deals & coupons then check Mobile Phone Prices Deals, can also ask questions to gadgets experts @ Mobiles Questions & Answers

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