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how is the projected end balance calculated

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The Projected End Balance is displayed at the bottom row of the Budget Summary spreadsheet (shown below).


The Projected End Balance is a calculated figure i.e. it is not a figure that you update for each month. It represents what your end balance (or total savings) will be given the expenses you have already entered for the month.

In the illustration above, the Projected End Balance for September is calculated as below:

[Projected End Balance for August (86550)] + [Total Income for September (32350)] – [Total Expenses for September (4425)]


[Projected End Balance for August (86550)] + [NET for September (27925)]

Therefore, the Projected End Balance is based on your savings for the past months. For January of a year, the Projected End Balance is calculated on the basis of the Starting Balance for that year i.e. instead of the Projected End Balance of the previous month, the Starting Balance for the year is used.

The Projected End Balance is an important metric, because it allows you to monitor your savings as and when your budget is updated. To get maximum benefit, we recommend the following:

1. Updated your income and expenses as and when they are realised i.e. when they occur.

2. Check your Projected End Balance often to see if you are where you want to be.

Happy Saving!

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