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how do i analyse the monthly expenses chart

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The monthly expenses chart displays the share of each individual expense head in your total expenses for the current month.


To view the individual percentages, move your mouse over each area to see the actual percentage as well as the expense head the pie slice corresponds to.


This chart lets you see how your current month’s expenses are divided among the various expense heads, so that you can monitor it real time. If a particular expense head is taking more than the usual share of the pie, you can monitor your expenses more closely and take action.

For you to derive maximum value from the tool, InvestmentYogi recommends the following:

  1. Provide us with your income and expenses for previous months also so we can establish trends based on your data.
  2. Enter all your income and expenses as they occur. This allows us to display alerts early for you to take action.
  3. Check your budget summary often so that you see the alerts as and when they occur.

We hope you have a great experience using the InvestmentYogi budgeting tool. Happy Saving!

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