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Five Reasons Why Mutual Funds Should be Your First Choice

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Do you remember the number of financial products in the market in 1980s? There were hardly few. Most popular of them were Post office deposits, PPF and other products which used to yield up to 12% p.a. returns. So, there was no need to compare, analyze and choose between various products. Be it good or bad, financial world has changed. More and more varieties of products have entered the fray to confuse us more. Now, it’s a headache for an average investor to pick a product from these. But, one product which has proved to be a long term winner is ‘Mutual Funds’. Here are five reasons why you should invest in mutual funds.

1) Professional Management

The first thing that a mutual fund offers is the service of professional management in the form of fund manager. He is an expert who actually works for you and invests the collected pool of money in the best products as per his strategy. If you are someone who cannot allocate time or do not have sufficient knowledge to master the stock markets, mutual fund does it for you.

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2) Wide choice of asset classes

Mutual fund is not about picking hot stocks. It is about long term investment. You can pick funds based on your risk appetite. A conservative investor can choose debt funds and diversification can be done through Gold funds. Wide varieties are available in mutual funds. You only need to choose your type of fund.

3) Lower charges

Typically, an insurance product charges you in the name of mortality expenses, fund management fees, asset allocation charges and so on. They amount to 3-4% or even more based on the policy you choose. Higher the charges, lower are the final returns. However, mutual funds typically charge 1-2% on the NAV, which is way lower than lot of financial products.

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4) Flexibility in investment

A fixed deposit is very safe to invest. It also gives good returns. But, you cannot make a monthly investment in it. Also, when you withdraw from it, you have to withdraw the entire amount. But, a mutual fund gives you the flexibility to invest regularly through SIP and also to withdraw in parts through SWP. Such flexibility makes mutual funds a great product for investment.

5) Ease of redemption

Mutual funds are not just easy to invest but easy to redeem too. Most of the mutual funds can be redeemed if held for at least 6 months or 1 year. There has to be a redemption request given to the AMC and then amount would be credited within 24-48 hours.

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  • Varun

    How much do index
    funds charge?

    • Av Suresh

      They charge 1-1.5% p.a as fund management fees.

  • N Singh

    I am doing SIP of 30,000 per month in different funds like Axis Equity fund, Birla sun life top100 gr, kotak Midcap gr, Reliance banking fund. I would like to know if these funds are good. I need Rs 1 crore in next 7 years. How much money should i invest monthly ? My current investment in these funds are 9 lakhs.

    • Av Suresh

      To achieve a target of Rs. 1 crore in 7 years, you need to do SIP of 60,000 per month. Axis and Birla funds are good ones. You may need to look at Kotak and Reliance funds.

  • hear

    i am a doc in pvt sector . i need a car for gong to and from my duty .. Will my car loan have tax deductions

  • Anushka

    I would say that its very informative but personally believe that few people will agree and other will disagree because when it comes to financial advice or decision, everyone that their own say. So for some people an insurance policy or FD is a great option and for others mutual funds as the writer suggests. I have invested in TATA AIA life’s Money back insurance plan. The plan gives you the flexibility to choose from various term options to meet your financial commitments with the advantage of paying for only half the term. Especially for planning long term savings like child education or buying a house a plan it gives you a chance to secure your future

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