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One dream common to all is to enjoy retirement - to be able to pursue interests, hobbies and vocations of your own will after years of hard work. Certainly only money can’t make your retirement happy but it sure can make the retirement comfortable by allowing you financial freedom. For this a systematic, regular and committed savings and investment discipline during your actively working life is mandatory – and the sooner you start this, the better.

Retirement planning as a process involves

  • Estimating the monthly expenses post retirement
  • Setting aside monies for medical contingencies
  • Assuming a life expectancy in lines with your health and family history
  • Defining the corpus required on retirement, keeping the above in mind
  • Determining the investment options and asset mix required now to achieve the above corpus

Retirement planning is a lifelong process - remember, it’s the early bird that gets the worm!

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Published Dec 16 2008




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