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Financial Planning Services Pricing Index

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InvestmentYogi now offers the following financial planning services:

1) Basic Financial Plan for Rs. 5,000. This is a limited introductory offer.

Get started or see a sample plan.

2) Retirement Planning for Rs. 5,000.

3) Full service Financial Plan is available for Rs. 15,000.

4) We specialize in a host of NRI services. Please contact us directly if you are an NRI.

All of the services listed above will entitle the customer to review their plan with a Certified Financial Planner, either on the phone or in person. The prices mentioned above are inclusive of all taxes.

What are the steps to ordering a Financial Plan?

a) Fill in thebFinancial Planning Questionnaire online or send us an email at yogi@investmentyogi.com with the specific service you are interested in

b) If you have any questions on your plan, we will contact you by phone or email within 3 working days.

c) Once you order and pay for your Financial Plan, the basic Financial Plan will be ready for your review in 2 weeks.

d) Our financial planner will set up a review session after you have received the plan.

e) You can renew the planning services next year for a nominal fee.

How do I pay for the services?

You may choose to pay through our online payment gateway.

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