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Financial Planning Services Offered

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Which Plan is Right for You?

Do you have a good grasp on your personal finances? Most of us don’t. With a financial plan you will have a better view of your financial strengths and weaknesses, where your money goes, how much you have, and what you should be doing with it to help you attain your goals.




Our Basic Financial Planning service includes:

  • Your financial strengths and weaknesses
  • Net worth and cash flow analysis
  • Analysis of goals: attainability and savings/investments required
  • Asset allocation: existing and recommended (summary)
  • Expense protection/insurance (summary)
  • Investment plan (summary)
  • 1 Follow up conference call (approx 20 mins)

Cost: Rs. 5000


Are you prepared for your retirement? Will you have enough to live comfortably? Whether you are already retired or just starting out in your career, a solid plan can ensure that your later days will be spent enjoying, not worrying.

Our retirement plan service includes:


  • Working out how much you will need and how you will save it up
  • Deciding which investments are appropriate for your situation
  • Action plan for investments and insurance
  • Cash flow plan for 12 months (if retired already)
  • Two conference calls with our experts to discuss/explain plan (approximately 20 minutes each)
  • Plan will be completed within 4 working days
  • Execution is optional

If execution is done through us, the following is also included:

  • Premium reminders
  • SIP reminders
  • Policy Updates
  • New product recommendations
  • Newsletters
  • Monthly Updates of Investments carried out by us

Cost: Rs.5000 (valid for 12 months)


Includes all services discussed above:


  • Financial Plan
  • Investment Planning
  • Insurance Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Personal meetings part of package in following cities: Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Gurgaon
  • Conference calls at your discretion

Cost: Rs. 15000



  • Customized
  • Please contact us for more details and costs at http://www.investmentyogi.com/feedback.aspx

For further information and assistance, contact us at http://www.investmentyogi.com/

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