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expense control

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Q: First of all, thanks a lot, for you have provided so much information about personal finance. Please tell me how can I control on expenses. I am earning 24000 per month. Every month I am spending 5000 per month on eating outside with friends and colleagues. Please show me the right path.

Answer: The first step to cutting your expenses is putting expenses in different heads and evaluating where the money is actually going. Since you already are through with the first step, the next step is to start saying "No". It becomes compulsory for one to go out with friends and colleagues every time they go out as it becomes difficult to say No. Choose where you want to go; don’t just say Yes, don’t give in to the pressure. Moreover, by getting your financial plan done, you know exactly how much you need to save and hence, how much you can afford to spend. It is a good idea to do this. Once you have set down your goals and  how you are going to achieve them, it will be easier to find the motivation to save money. Our experts have written some

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