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Mutual Fund Review – Escorts Opportunities

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Fund Name: Escorts Opportunities (G)

Crisil Rank – NA

Category: Diversified Equity

Expense Ratio: 2.5%

Risk Level: High

Benchmark: Crisil balanced

Objective: To seek stable and regular income through an actively managed portfolio of stocks, bonds and money market instruments. The asset allocation is dynamically planned to capture the best of the opportunities in equity and debt.


Returns (Annualized)


Our Review

Escorts opportunities fund has greater exposure to technology, financial and automobile sectors. It is an aggressive fund with higher expense ratio. It has managed to beat the category average. The fund has generated returns of 9.7% annualized since 2011 when it was launched.

Returns generated by the fund are below the inflation level. Also, risk taken by the fund and returns generated do not match. There are better funds to look at in this category. You can avoid this fund as of now.

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