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Don’t let low Cibil score affect your employment prospects

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With the growth in employee verification norms, financial verification has become an important aspect of it. While verifying the financial information credit score of a person plays a very important role.  Now, in BFSI segment, majority of the employers do assess your Cibil report before they hire you. So before you apply for a new job, check your credit score and clean up your financial mess, if any.

Creditvidya has already highlighted the importance of a credit score and implications of bad credit score on the home and car loan prospects. Keep the following things in mind while you pull out your latest credit/cibil score:

Check for errors: The first thing you need to do when you pull out your credit score, look for factual errors in spelling mistakes and phone numbers. Also check if the loan details mentioned in the credit score is right.

Raise a dispute: If there are any errors in the credit score, raise a dispute immediately on Cibil.com. And regularly follow up with Cibil on the dispute raised by you.

Clear your dues: Let us face it. Debt is a burden. A bad credit score could further

your debt traps if not cleared in time. It could hamper your job prospects. If your credit score shows any uncleared dues, get in touch with company and try to negotiate terms for closure.

Arm yourself with an explanation: Many companies allow prospective employees to explain their stance in a problem with credit score. So keep your explanation ready and handy. It could save your day.

All information in this article has been provided by Rajiv Raj, Director & Co-Founder, CreditVidya

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