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Details of Our Tax Services

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Online Tax Filing

Advantages of Online Tax Filing:

  • It’s Easy, Safe and Speedy IT Returns.
  • Flexibility to file income taxes at your ease 24 x 7.
  • Instant transfer of payment through net banking facility.
  • Accuracy rate of filing return is better while paying it online.
  • Saves paper and saves the environment

Salient features of TaxYogi:

  • No need to hassle about selecting suitable ITR form. The system is intelligent enough to decide based on your sources of income etc.
  • Unique feature of “Tax audit.” This will recommend where you could have saved taxes so that you can do better optimization for next year.
  • Tax files are saved for future reference. It becomes your online tax repository year after year.
  • Extensive validations and checks throughout in the system to ensure that you don’t fill wrong data.
  • Special provisions and validations if you are NRI or working abroad.
  • Highly secure (128 bit SSL). Certification from RapidSSL.
  • It takes not more than 10 minutes to create your return (provided you have all the required data ready for reference).
  • Live chat facility with our executives.

Cost of Service:

  • It is priced at Rs 149 which is cheaper than most others.
  • Payment while submitting the form. So, you can get the hand on experience of our tool and understand why it’s said user friendly process.

Tax Planning

What is Tax Planning?

Tax planning is necessary for all (Individual’s / Businessman / HUFs) to reduce tax liability through the finest use of all accessible exemptions, deductions, allowances, exclusions, etc.

Why do you need Tax Planning?

Many a times taxpayers have not fully explored the tax planning exercise which is why they rush at the end of the tax planning season to advisors / consultants and make investments as they recommend for reducing their tax liability. But, this has negative effect on tax payable by them and they eventually end up paying more taxes than they are required to. Whereas, the objective should be to pay minimum tax as possible and this saving in tax should be invested to get maximum future benefits.

What services would you get in our Tax Planning by paying Rs.499?

  • Our experienced tax consultants (who are Chartered Accountants by qualification) will review the data sent by you
  • They will find out where you are paying more taxes and how can it be saved by smart use of Income Tax laws and exemptions, deductions etc
  • Consulting through email and phone

Mode of payment for services:

  • Credit cards, Debit cards, Net banking, Cash cards, Mobile payments (State Bank of India / Paymate) ; Secure payment gateway: CCAvenue

You can also do online fund transfer to the following account:

Account Number: 03172320000805.
Account Name:    InvestmentYogi FinAdvisory Services Pvt. Ltd.
Bank Name and Branch: HDFC, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad

Disclaimer: Tax planning is to reduce tax burden strategically taking into consideration Income Tax laws of India. A person shouldn’t hide the income earned and reduce their taxes payable while pursuing Tax Planning exercise for next year. It’s not necessary that tax payable is always reduced while considering Tax Planning. It varies from person to person based on details provided of income earned and investment decisions.

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