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Stock Review – Coal India

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Stock Name – Coal India Ltd

Listed Exchange: NSE, BSE, CNX METAL

NSE Code- CoalIndia

P/E or Price to Equity Ratio: 20.21

EPS or Earnings per Share: 13.90

P/B or Price to book value ratio: 8.65

Market Capitalization: 1.77 lakh crore

Current Price on NSE – 281

52 Week Low – 238.20

52 Week High – 372.40

Our Review of Coal India Stock

Coal India is a leader in the metals space. IPO of the stock was launched in the year 2010. Crisil had assigned a grade level of 5 to this stock. Coal India is a govt. of India owned Navratna Company.

If you had invested in this stock 3 years ago, you would have invested at a level of 329. It means you would have faced losses in this stock after 3 years. However, the stock is expected to perform well in the long run. Review every stock after a set period of time such a 1 year and if stock continues to perform badly due to some fundamental issue, you can exit that stock.

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