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BPCL Stock Review – Nifty 50

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Stock NameBharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd

Listed Exchange: NSE, BSE


P/E or Price to Equity Ratio: 3.17

EPS or Earnings per Share: 104.09

P/B or Price to book value ratio: 1.43

Market Capitalization: Rs. 23,850.93 crore

Current Price on NSE – 329.80

52 Week Low – 255.95

52 Week High – 449

Our Review of BPCL Stock

BPCL is an organization with more than 54% share held by Govt. of India. If you had invested in the stock in 2004, you would have invested at a level of 252 which implies a total return of 30% till date.

HDFC and DSP blackrock funds together hold more than 200 lakhs of BPCL shares. It belongs to the refineries sector. Though the fundamentals are good, it is advisable to avoid the stock as of now because of the fluctuations in crude prices.

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