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Bank of Baroda Stock Review – Nifty 50

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Stock NameBank of Baroda

Listed Exchange: NSE, BSE


P/E or Price to Equity Ratio: 6.28

EPS or Earnings per Share: 103.58

P/B or Price to book value ratio: 0.86

Market Capitalization: Rs. 27,472.26 crore

Current Price on NSE – 649.80

52 Week Low – 429.95

52 Week High – 899

Our Review of Bank of Baroda Stock

Bank of Baroda is a PSU organization from the Banking sector. If you had invested in this stock in 2004, your stock would have been 2.81 times the invested value.

Promoters have 55% stake in this stock. HDFC top 200, HDFC equity, HDFC Prudence and ICICI Prudential Dynamic funds hold more than 116 lakhs of Bank of Baroda shares. Though not a great recommendation, if you already hold some of the shares of this company, you can stick to it. For new investors, you can look at other stocks in this domain.

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