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Now track all your investments, bank deposits, loans and insurance at one place

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InvestmentYogi Portfolio Manager allows you to look at your complete finances at the click of a button. It calculates your Net worth, Asset allocation and lets you know if you are going wrong with the investment strategy

Why InvestmentYogi Portfolio Manager

  • Have you ever felt that you don't have an accurate picture of your finances?
  • Have You ever felt the need to track your investments, savings, insurance and loans all at one place?
  • Did you ever wish to get a bird's eye view of where you stand financially?

InvestmentYogi's state of the art portfolio manager lets you manage all your finances online which includes most asset classes like stocks, mutual funds, bank balances, bonds, small saving instruments, gold, provident fund, loans and insurance. It also tells you your Net Worth, portfolio performance etc. in an easy to understand graphical format. It is one of the most comprehensive portfolio managers available. Now you won't have to do extensive paperwork for Long Team and Short term tax calculations. It will be done automatically and will be a part of your annual income tax return with TaxYogi.

InvestmentYogi is one of the most reputed personal finance portals in India and it is our constant endeavor to empower you through innovative financial tools and insightful articles.

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